Entry 1

Welcome to Entry 1 of The Next Page.

It's my online writing experiment

This is a serialized version of a story I'm working on. It is an edited first draft version--not perfect, but I hope, reasonably successful in creating interest and entertaining readers.

Okay, okay, Room 36 isn’t this bad, but sometimes exaggeration is good for the soul…

Photo by Yves Alarie on Unsplash

She didn’t actually have to say it, but it appears my devoted leader, Mrs. Nix, has lost confidence in me. I think it was her repeated hints last June about teaching positions at other schools in the district that clinched it. Well, that and the fact that I’ve been ‘relocated’ out to what I would charitably call ‘the back 40’. Officially, we are Room 36. [Might I add that there is no Room 35…or 34…or 33. And Room 32 is for storage. So there you go…]

So this will be an interesting school year, starting with my acceptance  that I am figuratively [and now, literally] out in left field. [Thought my brothers would probably suggest I’m in right field, since that is customarily where baseball teams ‘redirect’ their least able player.]

Not easy to describe being banished…

Okay, let’s try this: A. The principal would be happy to see me elsewhere.

B. Rickety old Room 36 is about as ‘elsewhere’ as you can get.

C. So, I’ll just do my best. What ‘best’ will look like, however, remains to be seen…

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