Welcome to The Expo

Greetings from the Expo Creator!

I'll start with contact info because sometimes it gets 'lost': [email protected] or [email protected].

Okay, that's done.

Thanks for looking in on the Expo.

I call it The Expo because this site is a bit of a marketplace, a set of locations offering different resources.

The Expo isn't for everybody.

I am aiming for those education-focused individuals who: 

• like variety in their instruction [whether they are students or teachers]

  • are willing to try new approaches to creative collaboration
  • prefer side trips from the daily slog through a teacher's edition
  • would like more autonomy in their career, even if it's for a 15-minute opening in their schedule.
  • are intrigued by the plot of a book about a teacher who feels she has nothing to lose and is going to run her class her own way, no matter the repercussions from her administrators.
  • like the idea of new resources arriving weekly
  • will take the time to suggest/request additional products

So, I hope you stay with me and that the Expo consistently delivers instructional value over the coming months and years.

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